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4 mm above bar height, up to 10&39; 3. For doors over 66" 1,676. The QEL option does not include the power transfer from door to. If manual dogging is also required, special center case dogging is available for 98/99 rim and vertical systems.

This manual contains a listing of replaceable parts and assemblies for the 98/9947 Concealed Vertical Rod Exit Devices and the 98/9949 / 98/9950WDC Concealed Vertical Cable Exit Devices. Use 1 1/ 2" mortise cylinder with a straight cam. QEL is a leader in toxic and combustible gas detection equipment. This manual contains a listing of replaceableparts and assembliesfor the 98/99 Rim Exit Hardware Devices. These are used to measure a wide variety of toxic gases such as CO, NO, NH, H2, SO, Refrigerants, Combustibles, and CO2. M-Controller System Operation ManualRev J RS-485 (properly EIA-485):A wiring and electrical standard for digital communication in a multi drop environment.

Resolution: Yes, the QEL device includes a cable assembly part number. Stile Width: Minimum 2" 50. Signal 4 mA See Table Below _____.

The ACI Q5 & B5 Series Network Compatible Gas Detectors Series is a microprocessor based "smart" gas transmitter that is paired with either an electronichemical gas qel m controller manual sensor qel m controller manual for toxic gases or a catalytic bead sensor for combustible gases. Up to a total 11 modules can be connected to one M-CONTROLLER providing a maximum of 99 relays. Features and Benefits • QEL option available on all 98/99, 94/A/35A series exit devices • Energy efficient motorized latch retraction utilizes standard 2. M-Controller System Operation ManualRev J RS-485 (properly EIA-485):A wiring and electrical standard for digital communication qel m controller manual in a multi drop environment.

2 mm require modification. Overview The QEL 200 lockset can function as two separate systems. Short and medium length modbus/485 loops can operate without the terminating resistor. The 99 Series has a grooved case; the 98 series has a smooth case. Card (M) now works. Colors shown below at wiring harness should remain consistent throughout the EPT or hinge and harness outside of frame.

No part of this manual and/or. The manual, posted online as a PDF, fails to describe a few useful details which we’ll cover here. The time for stabilizing the optical block temperature depends on the ambient temperature and input power voltage. Page 12: Rs-485 Installation BOTH ends of the RS485 loop. RD and WWR also showed a substantial influence: a progressive increase in RD and a decrease in WWR result in a decrease in sDA300/50% values and an.

Stile Wall: Doors with stile walls other than1/8" 3. Fits narrow, medium, and wide stile aluminum doors. The M-Controller is a multi-channel controller and alarm unit that utilizes both digital and analog communications to interface with a maximum of 32 remote digital QEL transmitter/sensors, and 8 analog transmitter/sensors.

Additionally, these trims have the advantage of being electrically controllable by a. QEL RS-485 Output to M. The Chexit releases immediately upon a fire alarm condition.

As a consequence, the mean QEL, even in presence of a daylight responsive dimming system, is higher for South-facing than North-facing rooms (QEL,m= 21. 2 • Von Duprin • 3327A/3527A Series Exit Device Service ntrol Link Pin & tch M ounting Package (Pkg of 4). This is invoked when the controller reaches its failsafe voltage. It has a diverse product offering, and is committed to quality products and excellent service, just as we are. 4 QEL / EL Exit Device See pages 2 and 3 for system overview and wiring harness usage. Start from the top field and work your way down. for extended periods to provide free entry. 4 • Allegion Connect • Technical Manual Von Duprin Products QEL / EL Exit Device See page 3 for system overview and wiring harness usage.

E360 Series controls The E360 series controls provide the same choice of lever or thumbturn control of the 33A/35A Series exit device. , partners with only the best vendors to. The QEL can also be configured to electronically retract the latch for an extended period of time to allow free entry. Often the QEL is used with a credential reader and access control system to unlock the door momentarily for authorized users. It has two primary applications: to momentarily retract a latch bolt, either via access control; and to retract the latch bolt for extended period of time, which is an alternative to mechanical dogging. Q-CONTROLLER Instruction Manual M-CONTROLLER Series Universal 40 Sensor Digital-Analog Controllers The M-Controller is a multi-channel controller and alarm unit that utilizes both digital and analog communications to interface with a maximum of 32 remote digital QEL transmitter/sensors, and 8 analog transmitter/sensors. The quad will then enter LOS FS (as above).

It is a 2-wire system, with a differential signal allowing relative immunity to variations in grounds between devices. The QEL option is available on panic devices and fire rated devices. control panel • Red indicator light shows visibility to dogging from over 75 feet *For 33/3549A devices, LX switch monitors trim input or electric dogging of EL/QEL devices.

98 Series and 99 Series devices are almost identical. Fire rated openings have several additional requirements. CON Allegion Connectors • Common connectors to connect various door hardware all the way to the power supply AX.

” The Von Duprin Chexit device sounds an alarm and keeps an exit door secured for 15 seconds following an attempt to exit. 8 kWh/m2· a, respectively). Not available for 3349/3549 devices. HOW TO ORDER Some parts are sold separately.

SD-QEL is not available on the 9875 or 9975 devices. Controller Low Voltage This is a controller low voltage failsafe. M-5 Operation And Maintenance ManualRF 1 J CTS-M5 Configuration: Default Settings Factory User Settings Settings 1. This feature is an alternative to manual dogging. This is to enable the pilot time to complete their flight and land safely. Special center case dogging is also available for 98/99 rim and vertical systems, specify SD-QEL.

Make the Harbor Freight 45W Solar Panel Charge Controller Useful With a Simple Mod. The M-ANNUNCIATOR series is a LED annunciator panel used with the M-CONTROLLER. QEL supplies one standard transformer M-Transformer 120 to VA Q-Controller System Operation Manual. Resolution: Product Ordered before - Product identified by no label on QEL motor. Using the Document Library - by Document Type. Other items are available as part of a kit or multiple quantity package. QEL M-ANNUNCIATOR Series Annuciator Panel - Manual 508.

® PUSH UNTIL ALARM SOUNDS DOOR CAN BE OPENED IN 15 SECONDS CX Rim Exit Device (CX98/99 shown) Chexit Module Cable Door. 5″) case Full digital display of all setting and status information Since 12/, that cable comes in a package (part 116549). If manual dogging is required, the qel hex dogging option is available, to order specify HD-QEL.

The QEL is available on all Von Duprin 98/99, 94/A/35A Series exit devices. LX switch does not monitor latchbolt condition. 2 qel m controller manual Access Control Software 3 QEW Gateway Lockset.

Failure to do so, within the failsafe period, will cause the controller to lose all power. removable flash drive for concentrations and events for all transmitters and relays M-Net, assigns an IP address to the M-Controller for remote real time reading, programming and data-logging. 05 m use 8655 Tall Door Kit available separately. The Quatrosense Environmental QEL M-Annunciator Panel is designed to be located remote from an M-Controller and provides an audible and visual indication of the status of the M-Controller. This is a convenient alternative to mechanical dogging. The lower the ambient temperature and input voltage are, the longer it takes. and addressable manual relay override switch M-Logger, Data-logger with.

Schlage cam reference B502-191. QEL Q-SWITCHa-0 Manual Input Switch. Document 482886 Models DG, DGX, TSU, VSU Direct Gas Make-Up Air and Industrial Space Heat Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual Please read and save these instructions for future reference. QEL devices are also useful with automatic door operators, and may be applied to fire-rated applications when under the control of an automatic fire alarm system. As a manufacturers’ representative and stocking distributor of specialized instrumentation for over 30 years, WilsherCo, Inc. 5″) case Full digital display of all setting and status information. Select at least the first two fields Document Type, then Brand. UBC “Special Egress-Control Devices.

You must use the 900-2Q option board with the PS900 power supplies to operate the QEL devices. 3 KB QEL M-ANNUNCIATOR Series Annuciator Panel - Installation Drawing 120 KB. Multi-mode digital control includes MicroPurge Mode, ID Mode for repeat events, and manual control Weatherproof controls are housed in a rugged, compact (16″ x 13″ 6.

M-Controller and Q4 Controller will display “Warming up” in their LCD display panel. The Stand-Alone system allows for Stand-Alone Management at the door. Normally, at 25 °C and 24V input voltage, it takes 15 minutes. The 99 Series has a grooved case; the 98 Series has a smooth case. M-Controller Accessories M-Switch, fully programmable.

The Wireless system combines powerful access control software with Gateways and Wireless Locksets to control user access. 5 watt solar panel could provide, it’s time to step up to the 100 watt solar kit, Harbor Freight item 63585. Seeking more power than what a 1. UL approved for Class II circuit applications.

Qel m controller manual

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